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How to do a digital strategy study for any business in 2022

The strategic communication, creating campaigns, organic positioning and any discipline that has to do with the creative process, are great undervalued in terms of recognition of work is concerned. It is true that precisely this type of communication has the objective of not perceiving the work behind it . And it is intended to be seamlessly integrated as information received by the recipient of the message. But to have an awareness of all the work behind this type of task, today we want to tell you how to do a digital strategy study for any business step by step.

What is a digital strategy study for any business

A digital strategy study is a document that is prepared and written based on all kinds of information, collected to carry out a strategic communication of a business or a company. The study does not consist of exposing the information that has been accumulating over time. Well, this compilation, even if it is tedious, can be done by practically anyone.

The main thing in the digital strategy study is to work on the conclusions and interpretations of the data obtained. And have the ability to translate them in the most direct and simple way for the customer to understand. With all this providing an analysis of objective and verifiable data results, always with references to the sources consulted . An attached data annex can be included in which information can be corroborated.

And once these conclusions and distribution of the data have been made, apply them to a communication strategy with the guarantee of obtaining the expected results. We could say that the analysis explains the reason for the strategy that is developed based on it. Since to know what is the best communication line and strategy for a particular business, it is necessary to have previously done an exhaustive investigation of multiple factors.

What is a digital strategy study for?

These types of studies are usually carried out by companies specialized in these areas, at The Butterfly Webs we carry out these studies thanks to the experience and specialization we have in market research and strategic communication.

The purpose of this element is to achieve business objectives , through an established communication based on the evidence collected . With the results of the analysis, each business will have defined the communication it should use based on its market , its competition, the desired media and its path.

This study can be carried out in emerging companies that want to carry out neat digital communication from the beginning to ensure that they do not take a wrong step and do not waste time or resources. But it can also be done in companies and businesses that have been in the market for years and want to achieve specific objectives , change their public image and the general opinion that the audience has about them, break into the digital market or simply know how the market works in which they are moving and which is the fastest way to achieve results.

What should the digital strategy study contain for any business

This study includes a lot of information that is susceptible to updates and changes of any kind. It should also be clarified that there is no magic formula to do this type of work , since depending on how the person in charge is executing the study and in which market the client is moving, the distribution of information or the points to be detailed may vary. We will tell you how we distribute this information in order to adapt it and present it in the language of the client, and of course, of its audience.

Introduction to the report

In the first section, the reader will have to be put in context , in this case so that he knows what we are going to talk about in the event that he is a person external to the client. It must be well explained for the understanding of any person , how the report is going to be prepared and what objectives it is based on. Also briefly explaining the contracting company or business and its activity and need to use this study.

The introduction has to be brief but concise , avoiding taking too long and without naming practical examples or specific particularities , we will have other points later to include this information if we need it.

Competitor analysis

It is in this section that we are going to begin to place the reader in the position where they should be. And there is no better way to begin to know the type of communication that should be done, than by seeing the communication of the main competitors.

Depending on how the client is and the market in which it operates, we can divide the competition into direct competition and indirect competition , and through this section we can show what has worked, what has not, the mistakes that have been made in the competition to avoid them , and the strategies that have worked to implement them .

It is not about copying ideas, but about having an understanding of how information moves in the market niche in which we find ourselves. In addition to a general analysis , you can choose the most powerful competitors and analyze separately some areas of their strategies.

Competitors website

The speed of the web page, its usability, content structuring, legibility of the texts will be measured… In short, a complete web audit will have to be made of how the competitor’s web page is made and how it works .

Social networks

It is also useful to see how they have communicated through their social networks , what images they use, how they identify themselves and which networks they use the most. Because it will be in those where your target audience is truly .

Within the study of social networks should be observed in addition to the profiles and content feeds , the interaction with the public, the visibility of the publications, the way in which they structure the frequency of the same and all the details that can be converted in a communicative pattern.

SEO positioning

Here we must include the information about the organic positioning in search engines of each competitor. Seeing what keywords they have used, which ones are working and how and in how long they have been raising positions in searches.

It’s also helpful to look at the keywords they match on and how each of them is ranking for them. Sometimes it is necessary to geolocate the keywords in order to establish a geolocated positioning strategy .

Online advertising

Here we will see which competitors use “heavy artillery”, looking at their campaigns, Google ads , images and words used in this online advertising. It is also advisable to see if they have advertised on social networks , which ones they have done and how their campaigns have worked.

Analysis of the market situation

We cannot focus the results of the study if we do not know the functioning of the market , here we will prepare a summary, having the data of the competition in front of us; of the operation of communication between competitors and users. The time of the business in the market will also be analyzed and how it has evolved over the years, if it is emerging in the digital presence and where the public is mainly located .

SWOT analysis

This point must be consulted and written with the help and presence of the client at all times. Since it consists of carrying out an analysis of four sections with respect to the client: Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities.

The weaknesses and strengths are part of the analysis of the internal activity of the company, and problems or improvements that can be solved from within. Instead, the opportunities and threats are putting their focus of attention from the outside of the company, on the environment and the points to take into account that could act in a positive or negative way for the business . By collecting this information, we can have a reliable idea of where the company is with respect to its aspirations and resources.

Target customer analysis

A more specific part within me analysis marke t, is to detail the target audience or target business activity performed by the customer. Here we must build in detail the buyer persona of the company, which consists of developing a description of what the perfect customer would be for the consumption of the particular business activity.

Through the construction of this figure, several market points can be located , and with contrasted data on the characteristics of the target audience we will be able to develop a content marketing strategy that is capable of generating interest in the maximum possible target. It is important at this point to know the size of the real target audience, helping us with precise data such as percentages, certified studies or official reports on business activities. With this information, it will be easier to develop realistic and approachable strategies .

Brand analysis

At this moment we are already focused on the client in particular , we forget about the environment, the market, the competition and everything previously investigated . Although we will use this information in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the strategy and the definition of the following points .

Definition of reason why

The reason why is the concept that defines the “soul” of the brand. The value or values ​​for which they want to be recognized , taking into account the identity they want to have and the image they are going to project abroad. Within the construction of the reason why , a company philosophy is usually established, along with its mission, vision and values .

Defining the tone of communication

Taking into account the target audience, the competition and the market in which the client is going to move, we must be realistic and adapt the communicative tone to the audience that will receive the message. Cordial communication is not always effective, you have to adapt to the jargon and colloquial language of the customer’s target. As well as knowing the technicalities or specific important words of the business activity.

Desired positioning in the market

In this section we build a realistic and achievable fantasy of the positioning that you want to obtain organically with communication. Taking into account the competition and the resources used, it must be an acceptable positioning.

Communication objectives

The writing of this section includes a list of short and concise sentences that refer to those ends that are to be achieved through communication. You have to set realistic, achievable, measurable and measurable goals. Counting sometimes with different types of objectives such as general, specific or operational objectives .

Communication channels proposal

Within the digital communication strategy we must bear in mind the range of communication channels with which we can work. Seeing which ones will be more functional for this type of client taking into account their audience, their SWOT analysis, their market and their resources.

There will be businesses that can afford to make communication and improvements through all possible channels, making a corporate website again, including an online store, news section or blog, organic positioning and online advertising. But there will also be cases that want to make a minimum investment in communication , and this is where we have to juggle to be able to make the most of the work done.


Once the previous points have been written , we proceed to make a summary of the strategy that is going to be carried out with the client. This strategy can be timed, ordered by phases where different communication elements are included or by testing platforms and content to see which one works best. An example where this can be seen is in the A / B test of web content and email marketing , where two parallel options are carried out during a test period , to see which of them has worked better and therefore has to be developed.

Communication in social networks

The specific strategy to be carried out through social networks . At this point, it must be taken into account that not all businesses can move information on all social networks, because depending on the profile of the consumer and the target , the presence in one or other social networks will be recommended.

In general, it is recommended to have a presence in 3 social networks to correctly work the content in each of them and dedicate the necessary time to each of the profiles.

Communication on the website

It is important to make a prior structuring of the content that will appear on the web page , taking into account the keywords and the positioning that you want to work with each content . In addition to generating an intuitive route to lead the user to the specific page where we want them to stay.

Communication through email marketing

This type of communication is one of the most effective that exists , as it is a very useful platform to retain customers, develop campaigns at certain times of the year and see the results of what we are doing. It is also useful to gradually enlarge the lead part of the customer database, so that the public can be reached more effectively and safely .

Online advertising

Finally, it is necessary to detail what type of campaigns and online advertising will be carried out for the communication of the client in particular. For example, Google has multiple forms of online advertising, allowing you to fully customize the appropriate market segmentation to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign . In this type of investment, it is essential to make a good market segmentation that directs communication and profiles the target audience that has to be reached in particular. The online advertising is a small tool to reach specific core audience.

Final conclusions on the study of digital strategy for any business

To complete the study of digital strategy for any business, it is necessary to have a good , clear and concise strategy in the language that the client uses . In any case, it is advisable to make a presentation of the study and the strategy to ensure that all the concepts are addressed and understood . It is also interesting to be available for resolution of doubts or questions that may arise. The communicative feedback is essential to be more successful in the proposed strategy.

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