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Blogger Must have these SEO Skill to Grow blog in 2022

At the moment there is no University Degree on the world of search engines and SEO. It is true that there are already very complete courses and even really interesting Masters specialized in SEO. which we can only say positive things as it is part of our training. It is a field closely related to the importance of the Internet and the new market that this implies, so each training school has it already incorporated. In fact, we ourselves offer a perfect course for you to learn SEO from the concept of Digital Strategy to apply it to your own project. Attending to the training needs of our clients we have developed a very specific, direct and actionable training.

Despite the large amount of training on SEO available (especially online), it is clear that the contents of all these courses are not unified and sometimes they try to teach too many different things. What makes one not quite knowing exactly what needs to be “mastered” within the skills of an SEO. If there is something evident, it is that  the work of an SEO. the needs of a project and skills and knowledge related to online marketing, digital strategy, market or trend analysis, and other disciplines of the digital world and even business are needed. But there are some SEO skills that we think are essential and that you should keep in mind if you aspire to dedicate yourself to the world of search engines (such as Google), or if, as a company, you are looking for an SEO to help you improve visibility of your project on the Internet.

An SEO seeks consistent results

Within the skills of an SEO would have to highlight the importance of working to  achieve consistent results . Every day we have to evangelize and, above all, try to make ourselves understood in the face of the client, since they arrive uninformed or, what is worse, misinformed. Unfortunately, the SEO world has suffered from the interference of opportunistic professionals who, through unsuitable techniques, managed to make mistrust a bargaining chip. Immediate, short-term, and unplanned results are rarely the norm. Therefore, try to be told about a medium and long-term job.

And it is that there are people who promise good positions or results that are impossible to guarantee , making the positioning work some kind of coincidence and that they do not have a work base that supports each project. The SEO is not luck, it is mostly work, planning, analysis and dedication.

The SEO that knows what it is doing and that knows how to explain it to its clients will already have a very important quality because it will not work randomly and by impulse. Therefore, you will know how to apply actions that have already been positive to new projects , working on a well-formed basis. In this order of things and to achieve consistent results, it is important to have a work process in an orderly and systematic way. It is within the skills of an SEO to work some points with total professionalism. For example:

  • Know and treat the client and their needs in advance.
  • Analyze the web project before starting.
  • Analyze the competitors.
  • Prepare a good Keyword Research (keyword research).
  • Detect search patterns.
  • Make a personalized Linkbuilding strategy.
  • Create reports of your work and capture their results in an understandable way.

Start with projects appropriate to your experience

One of the most important SEO skills is to start working on small sites , first on your own projects and little by little on other sites that suit your skills. Keep in mind that there is no regulation on how to act . And the only way to see if what you do is correct or not working in SEO is through trial and error . SEO has become what it is from the ability of many professionals to do tests and then take them to their clients. And so many of the appropriate paths that we use today to improve organic positions on the Internet have been established.

It is important that you value the possibility of practicing in what is known as R&D within SEO and that you do experiments on what they tell you works. Not everything is useful for all projects , read, study, share … and above all test things! And if you find techniques that work, use them, improve them and you will have something unique.

In this new and changing profession, within the skills of an SEO, it is knowing that you have to learn every day so as not to be left behind. Do not trust what was done and what worked 10 years ago , in the world of SEO it is no longer valid. The Internet is in its infancy and in less than 25 years its evolution has been brutal. Who knows how it will be sought in 10 years. A few years ago we did not imagine the importance of mobile devices, or the amazing jump of voice search, content in the form of video or the use of machine learning. Every year everything is growing exponentially.

Be careful because there are many techniques that have been used a lot but that not only do not work anymore , but they are going to harm you. Get update!! SEO is always evolving , it is a very fast moving industry and we need to constantly improve our knowledge and skills.

Do not be obsessed only with SEO, remember that it is a profession closely related to the future of a company  and among the skills of an SEO, are those of having  knowledge related to marketing strategies and other parts of the business, such as:

  • Content Marketing.
  • Inbuond marketing.
  • Social networks.
  • Conversion.
  • SEM (PPC)

Final Words

Having all the knowledge about the world of SEO, doing thousands of tests, being a search engine guru is great, but you need an essential human part . You need to know how to connect with the client, with your collaborators, with the competition, with colleagues, with your potential students, with your readers …

It does not take the joy of the garden, but among the skills of an SEO is the ability to relate. The idea of ​​SEO working alone in front of the computer and without talking to anyone for days has disappeared. The  communication skills and ability to relate are as important as the OnPage SEO, getting backlinks or make good reports!


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