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Working Strategy to have a beautiful website that converts customers

The presence of a brand in the network is not enough reason to increase sales and have new customers . A web page is a good first step to having a digital footprint, but not just any web will work and not just any site will work. There are many aspects that must be taken into account when making the decision to make a website and that is why we want to tell you about them. We bring you a list of guidelines to have a functional, beautiful website that converts customers.

Before making the web

Before starting, you have to be clear about certain things about the website. We have to be clear about what the objectives of the website are going to be , who it is going to be addressed to, what kind of functionalities we are going to want it to have and how we are going to capture our brand image on it.

You also have to think about the choice of hosting and domain. For those who do not have these controlled terms, hosting is the hosting of our website, and there are different types with varied options adapted to the needs of the website. There are different hosting providers in the market that will make better or worse offers, but for us the essential thing is that they have a good technical service , since this is going to facilitate many things that may arise in the future.

On the other hand, the domain is the name that we put in the search engine to find the web page, let’s say it is the official name of the web. This task seems simple, but you have to think about what name you want to use , and find the domain that corresponds to that name and that is free. The problem here is that the domains we like are busy.

Once we have decided on these things, it is time to get down to work with the guidelines to have a functional website .

Sketch the web prototype

The first thing to do is take a pencil and paper and start organizing how we want to distribute the information within the web. What pages we want to put, what will appear in each one, what specific functionalities we will need and what objectives each page of our site has. When we have made this concept map of our site, we will have to review it and make corrections before making it a reality.

Short navigation menu

It is necessary to bear in mind that there should not be too many tabs in the navigation menu. A very large menu with several rows can confuse the user, it is better to establish 6 or 7 menu tabs and then categorize to enter other matters. Nor does it make sense to create a two-tab navigation, as it will give the feeling that the web is empty of content and has no relevant information to display.

Guidelines to have a functional and structured website

It is important that the user knows where to move within your website, that as soon as they enter they feel comfortable browsing the web. For this, there are some basic intuitive structures that are usually, as a general rule, common in all websites.

Menu on the top or on the side

This is where visitors go to find the sections of the web pages , and the information must be accessible to travel from one section to another through a click, with the menu always visible.

Main content and presentation

Then after the menu or the header, we must put the important content that we want to show about the brand. We have to take into account that it is the first thing that the user will see when entering the web , so there must be valuable content, it is not necessary that everything be commercial content, because this content has to invite the user to stay in the place.

Bottom or footer

This part is the one that appears at the bottom of the web, it usually contains contact information, links to social profiles and legal information such as privacy policy, legal notice or cookie policy.

Complete website design

To avoid errors in terms of design, which can generate rejection in the viewer, it is better that we make sure we have the supervision of a professional, but if we cannot have this option, within these guidelines to have a functional website, there are several aspects to consider.

Corporate, but without going overboard

Within our website there must be references to our brand , the logo must appear in different places and play with the colors of the corporate image. But do not overdo the presence of the logo. With it appearing in the header and footer is enough, it is not necessary to overwhelm the user with the corporate image.

Use a color palette for the entire web

We have discussed how to choose a suitable web color palette on previous occasions , but just in case we remember some important things.

You have to focus on corporate colors , if they may not be more than three or four, one of them more striking than the others with which to attract attention through specific elements such as buttons, icons or calls to action.

Use simple fonts

It is important that the typeface chosen for the bodies of text has good legibility , we can use a slightly more consistent typeface for the titles, but the text must have a simple and legible font.

It is recommended to mix two fonts for the entire website , at most three. One for headlines, one for texts, and one for words of emphasis or calls to action. Always bearing in mind that the size must be legible and the color on which they are placed must allow good legibility.

It is also advisable to play with the contrasts and point out the important parts in bold. In this way, the user can make a general scan of the content without having to read the entire text.

Well-kept and good-quality images

The images that we use on our website must have good quality and be worked, that they adapt to the format in which we need them and do not become pixelated. We must also try not to be very heavy images so that they do not slow down the web.

Take care of the Tablet and mobile versions

We have to bear in mind that right now the vast majority of users visit websites from their mobile phones, so the website has to have a very careful version for this format . On mobile phones, although the screens are smaller, the content is seen with much higher resolution, so it is important to have it adapted to this device.

The use of the blog

Finally, once all the content has been placed and the web structured , it is important to do work to position it. That it is visible to the public for which it is intended, and has relevant and valuable content.

This can be done through the use of the blog, where valuable content, current news and information of interest to the reader is shared . Looking for the right keywords you can do a good positioning through periodic publications that help little by little to gain positions in search engines.

Make a website always better with the help of a professional

After having read all these guidelines to make a functional website, we would like to remind you that at The Butterfly Webs we are dedicated to carrying out the entire web creation process, that is why we always recommend leaving this work in professional hands . Together with you, we look for the best way to shape your project and, above all, to reach your audience and position yourself in the market that interests you.

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