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How to Start a Vlog and Starting Vlog is still profitable for beginners in 2021

A vlog is an internet site, generally a YouTube channel, where content on a particular topic is generated and shared in video format . The word is born from the fusion between “video” and “blog”, that is why they are also called videoblogs.

Many wonder if it is “vlog or blog” and, as you can see, it is two different things.

Blogs are web pages that publish written content : articles, guides, tutorials, etc., on certain topics. The texts can be accompanied by graphic and / or audiovisual resources, but the focus is on the words. Of course, you are on a blog right now.

Instead, vlogs always communicate through videos . Let’s see in detail how they work.

What is a vlog?

A vlog is a space where videos are generated, published and shared with certain regularity and on certain topics . For example, cooking vlogs upload recipes, tips to make some preparations, menu ideas, etc.

We have our own vlog where we share content about e-commerce, tips and ideas to sell online, profitable businesses and much more.

When someone asks what a vlog is , it is generally said that it is a YouTube channel because this is the most used video platform. The variety of topics is, without exaggeration, infinite: from humor, fashion or travel, to curious facts, popular culture, news or academic content.

A vlogger is the person who plans and generates the videos. These content creators can choose to communicate in the most original ways: be it filming themselves, editing videos with images and text, making a collage of other graphic resources.

For a long time, the trend on the internet and, mainly, on social networks has turned towards videos as the content most consumed by users.

How To Marketing With Vlogs

We are going to see some points that will help you if you are putting together your marketing plan and want to vlog , that is, include videos in your strategy. By the way, we invite you to download our specialized e-book to help you in the task:

Check if you have technical equipment

While you can start your vlog with minimal technical resources, such as a cell phone to film and edit videos, the truth is that a good quality camera and microphone will make a difference .

We also recommend having a computer to edit the material.

Users are increasingly used to better experiences in consuming content . This means: image and sound quality, attractive design, interesting branding .

If you are starting to be a vlogger, don’t worry! It is not that you have to have all these points from the beginning, but it is good to know it to plan in advance how you can improve your work day by day.

Select the topics to be discussed

It is important to talk about a topic that you know thoroughly or in which you want to specialize . The more specific your content is, the more useful it will be for your audience, this will generate more views on your videos!

Once you have selected the general theme (for example, travel), we recommend that you plan each video with keywords in mind . The creation of content must be oriented to the keywords that you have analyzed and that have a significant search volume , among other parameters. Thus, your content will have a better chance of being seen.

I defined a style

As we said, there are vlogs where people film themselves and speak to the camera, others where they film what they see but we never know them, others where we only see graphic resources (for example, using visual thinking , which is a technique to organize and represent thoughts through drawings).

The important thing is to understand what audience you are targeting and what the content is that they consume the most : this will give you clues to find the voice and tone of your vlog, as well as its format.

Boost your brand with a vlog

Now that you know what a vlog is, if you already have a business, project or undertaking, you can create and edit a video to spread your brand. Many online stores, on the other hand, make a video that explains how to buy to show how simple it is and to promote sales.

The idea of ​​adding a vlogger to your team and having this space on the web to share audiovisual content is an excellent opportunity to enhance the recognition of your brand, penetrate new niches to expand your arrival and generate potential customers.

Work with an influencer

Whether you’re just starting out with your vlog or wanting to increase its reach, working with an influencer will surely help .

Influencers are people with thousands or millions of followers on their social networks and a high engagement rate , that is, the level of audience engagement with their content. Your audience’s trust in them is what makes them distinctive . Therefore, their recommendations are very taken into account.

We recommend identifying which influencers are targeting your target audience to partner with one. Joint actions can be aimed at promoting a particular product, an event, gaining followers, generating brand recognition, etc.

Finally, if you are thinking about how to be an influencer , our suggestion is that you can specialize in a topic to generate relevant content and publish with a certain frequency.

Can I make money from a vlog?

That’s how it is! Vloggers have the ability to earn money online and this can be a more than interesting option for many.

Monetizing the videos you are posting to YouTube means you get paid to show ads before, during, or after your videos. The amount will depend on the number of views they receive.

With this in mind, you can think of creating and managing a vlog as a work from home .

By creating a Gmail account, you already have a YouTube channel. From that, Google also gives you a user on Google Adsense with the same email. On this platform, within the YouTube Studio section, you will find the tab on monetization.

What do you think of this article? Knowing that a vlog is an internet site to generate, publish and share videos on certain topics and with a certain frequency, you can now plan yours!

Remember these tips, choose an area where you stand out and start creating quality content.

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