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Business : 6 Advice for Better communicating with your customer

1 Work on the referencing of your site
The referencing of a site refers to the means that Internet users have of finding it, via search engines, or by links. Like road signs, it guides Internet users to you. You can improve it for free, and therefore make your site more visible, by optimizing your content (by including keywords likely to be searched by Internet users constituting your target) and by working on its structure so that it is readable. by search engines. Be careful, free SEO is a long-term job, don’t expect a quick result. If you want the instant, go for paid SEO!

2 Using social networks

Social networks have become essential for your digital communication because they allow your community to follow you on a daily basis and strengthen the human side of your service. No need to join them all, it is better to have a single, well-animated and relevant account than to be present on all the platforms, but not regularly and consistently. In France, Facebook remains a must, but forget about others like Twitter and Instagram which bring together more specific communities and have a communication format of their own.

3 Subscribe to professional directories and do link exchange

In addition to this work, online directories can be a way to increase your visibility. There are two types of directories, thematic and geographic, and many are free. Take the time to refer to the most relevant to your activity, they will allow you to improve your natural referencing thanks to the redirect links created with your site. If you have partners, offer them to create links between your sites, a low cost method to gain visibility and generate traffic!

4 Make a launch 
event The event is an important step; this is the perfect time to provide a strong experience for your customers, your potential partners, your prospects. This is the moment of direct communication and live. Nothing like it to convey an emotion or convey the DNA of your company! When creating a brand or a company, a launch event will allow you to make yourself known in an impactful way to the press or to influencers. The more original your event, the more it will mark the spirits and the more your guests will relay their experience!

5  Using Press Relations
Writing a press release on your activity (presentation of your services) and your news (exceptional promotion, release of a product or service, etc.) and disseminating it is essential for communication Low price. Many models of press releases can be downloaded from specialized sites and there are several platforms allowing them to be distributed free of charge. Do not hesitate to put your press releases online on your site in a dedicated press area.

6 Choose partners to get help 

Partnering with an eye toward exit strategy - Mirus Capital Advisors
Getting into communication when it’s not your job, it’s complicated. So do not hesitate to surround yourself with professionals in order to fully understand its mechanisms. Today, it is very easy to find freelancers or small structures on the internet, ready to communicate quickly and effectively for young entrepreneurs. A very good plan: contact communication schools and offer your case to students in training to pitch on your project.

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