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Why you have to use incentives to motivate your sales team in 2022?

To continue to develop business flows, do you want to revitalize your business, and therefore your teams? The incentives are a way to achieve it.

In the business world, an incentive , that is, in the French version, a motivation (of any form) is used to challenge, thank but above all motivate your team .

It can take several forms: from a voucher in a store to an escape game to weld together and bring the whole team together, including a stay in Mauritius to have achieved the objectives of the first semester, many companies do not hesitate. no longer today to devote more or less significant resources (time and budgets) to these business challenges.

In this article, we explain why you should use incentives and business games to motivate your sales team .

What is the incentive?

Originally, the word Incentive means “motivation” . The incentive is referred to as: “techniques intended to improve the motivation and performance of the staff of a company (most often, the sales team) .” (Definition of .

In general, and in other words, it consists of organizing and leading business challenges with a reward . But it is also :

  • Business games
  • Gifts and rewards to congratulate and thank your employees: boxes, trips, gift vouchers, starred restaurants, hotel nights with spas, etc.
  • Creative workshops
  • Sports meetings
  • Competitions over a given period.

These incentive techniques are often used in order to achieve certain specific objectives , which will be different depending on the context, the products and services to be sold (new products, gain in shelf shares if you are in GMS or GSS, gain in market share, setting up and listing of new products, carrying out special operations) the resources allocated, etc.

Indeed, depending on whether you are talking to your salespeople, or your HR for example, you will not give the same instructions and will not have the same objectives .

However, valuation requires a qualitative approach: respect for standards, respect for quality or implementation of best practices and company values.

The advantages of using incentives

Congratulate the good work of your team

Giving presents is a way to congratulate your teams and thank them for the work done to achieve the goals. Know that the recognition of efforts tends to greatly improve the performance of your teams.

Christophe Laval, trainer of trainers in recognition at work, declares on this subject that: “ Recognition at work is an issue of health, performance and motivation.

Example: sales reps finally fill in the CRM  and everyone benefits from this data.

Maintain the motivation and commitment of your salespeople to your business

it is even a tool for engagement and loyalty towards your company . They will feel in their place, integrated and recognized and you will thus nourish the desire to continue working with you, and to do better.

In this period of very particular health crisis where teleworking is now commonplace, we must especially not let go of this practice of incentives, on the contrary! Indeed, the teams are divided, the contacts between them are less numerous. What could be such an activity to unite your teams and re-motivate parents who have experienced confinement with their children by combining professional and private life in an often small space. Don’t worry about the organization of activities: remote incentives. Some companies have already seen a good way to develop their activity, so there is no shortage of ideas on the Web.

Create and encourage team cohesion

There are individual goals that can be coupled with collective goals . In this way, you will strengthen the team spirit, allow some to work with colleagues they did not know until then, and bring additional values ​​to your game and your incentive: cohesion and the spirit of the team. ‘team .

Collective activities such as escape game, tree climbing, paintball and others are a perfect opportunity to create cohesion and understanding within your workforce. Therefore, favor this type of activity which will promote team building , that is to say team building.

And if you are lucky enough to be based in Réunion (like us), you will not lack original, fun and constructive activities for your team : rafting, canoeing in fresh or salt water, laser games, canyoning, hiking aquatic, lava tunnel tours, … You are bound to find the perfect activity!

Challenge your teams to push them to do even (and always) better

Incentives are a powerful motivator but also help to stimulate your employees . In this way you challenge them by pushing them to exceed their limits.

“The reward is motivation in itself, but through a well-designed challenge we activate other engines of involvement: the need for recognition of the hierarchy, peers, the taste for surpassing oneself, a job well done, performance, etc. 

Boost your business

When setting up a challenge, your company will “live” differently for a short period, its atmosphere will change , just like your employees, who will focus on the activity in progress.

Motivation is a factor of development, and incentives, games and corporate competition serve this principle.

Incentives: Good practices

Establish a schedule

It is important to establish a schedule . You and your staff need a time frame.

Define the actors

In addition to the time frame, ask yourself the question: who is this incentive for ? Is it the sales team, HR, or a specific team? and even more your activity, your reward will concern which generation? a majority of young people without children, a majority of parents? All generations: X, the “Millennials”, Z, not the same sensitivity , the same apprehension of a reward . Who will drive? a colleague, the hierarchy, each division of the company for each of its teams? Depending on your choices, the impact will not be the same. This motivational lever should not be missed, which can influence your activity and your turnover.

Set clear goals

Once the framework is set, look at the context and the objectives, be clear in the objectives of the challenge: boost sales of a product / service, launch a new offer… Use a SMART method to do this .

To dig deeper into the subject, we’ve also compiled this article for you: The Usefulness of SMART Goals for Your Marketing .

Ensure the launch

The launch of the challenge must be scripted . No need to dazzle your teams, but make a difference (always respecting your means!). For example, mix in a little humor, or some music, your speech must be playful, precise, original, it is important to arouse the desire to participate , while remaining professional.

Creating envy around rewards is also a good way to arouse the curiosity of your employees, who will wonder what you have in store for them. Leave a few clues, and as you go, unveil what the reward (s) will be (or will be) while maintaining the mystery.

You can also reveal at the outset what is planned if the objectives are reached.

Remind the objectives and the rules

In any game there is an objective and a rule . It is important to remind your employees! Because, even if it is a “game”, everything must be done with respect and understanding of the rules.

They should be able to view the rules easily and track the results . A shared document is the minimum, but to go further you can:

  • create an ephemeral site
  • put posters in your business with all the information they might need during the game
  • create a Facebook page dedicated to this game (group)…

Plan recovery actions

When you start a competition that will last for a while, motivation may run out of steam. To prevent this from happening, think about actions to animate the challenge and actions to relaunch if necessary : mini-game, announcement of intermediate results, small animations, … So many ways to breathe new life into an animation that loses its importance. his pace.

Animate the challenge according to the profile of the sales representatives

Who says competition, says prizes and rewards ! But how do you choose rewards that would really please your teams?

Based on research on brain function by neurobiologists, this American researcher has linked cerebral lateralization and information processing. He has shown that people “select” the stimuli that trigger their actions based on their “brain preferences”.

“ Based on this approach, Ned Herrmann developed the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®) questionnaire, which, after treatment, produces a person’s“ Brain Preferences Profile® ”. Thus it becomes possible to understand how the professional choices , the way of working , of learning , of managing and of communicating .

Ned Herrmann has developed a grid that functions as a simplified map of the human mind.

Incentives: the risks and precautions to be taken

Watch out for shortness of breath

Attention and participation may run out of steam if your challenge is too long. In this case, find out from your employees : is this a lack of motivation? goals that are too complicated to achieve? or is it really too long?

Do not hesitate to collect the opinions, in order to modify the shooting if necessary and to improve the next games.

Don’t give overly expensive gifts

If you want to please your employees, no need to offer them very (too?) Expensive incentives. Instead, allocate this budget to improving their framework and working conditions for the long term.

Although a gift is always fun, if you can not make or organize a challenge, explain your choice to them, be transparent about the reasons that led to your decision.

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