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Must Know These Advantages Of CRM For Its Customer Relationship

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software for managing customer and prospect relationships. This tool centralizes all the data of your customers and prospects and allows your company to boost the performance of the sales department. Indeed, a CRM can allow you to increase your sales by up to 29%, and improve the productivity of your business by up to 34% on average.


CRM software allows all your employees to work with updated information in real time, which avoids the time-consuming and tedious task of re-entering. This guarantees overall commercial consistency between your sedentary employees and your employees in the field. Your data is also secure in one place and accessible from all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) which greatly facilitates the mobility of your sales forces.


Sales representatives have access to an optimized management tool to meet their needs in the office and in the field: optimization of routes, order taking in the field, consultation of stocks, mapping, etc. Thanks to this tool, your sales forces have real-time visibility on your customers’ data.

A CRM tool also allows your salespeople to accurately follow their commercial activity with the analysis of your database to detect inactive, relaunch prospects and target sales operations. This tool also records all of your interactions (emails, calls, visits, letters, etc.) which allows you to always have a history of customer relations. It is this data analysis that allows you to gain sustainable competitiveness and increase your company’s sales.


From prospecting to negotiation, knowing your customers is necessary to adapt your sales arguments and improve performance. CRM allows you to analyze your customers’ consumption history and their feedback in order to continuously improve yourself.

Another advantage of the tool is the personalization of the relationship. In order to show your interest to your customers, you can personalize the entire communication path with the elements available to you in the tool.

A CRM tool therefore allows you to increase your knowledge of your customers. You have all the information you need to identify your customers’ needs and thus boost your sales.


Knowing your customers is the key to their satisfaction. Connected to your information system, the CRM unifies all of your customers’ data. CRM thus allows you to have an overview of your customer base and to place their satisfaction at the center of your concerns in order to better support them.

Once used, CRM data can increase the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers, which ultimately proves to be a guarantee of notoriety for the image of your company. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in commercial performance; this reduces your prospecting and acquisition costs.

CRM is therefore the tool that allows you to better understand your customers and prospects, improve the quality of your customer service and increase the excellence of your commercial activity.


CRMs generally embed a mobile application to support your sales teams in the field. However, a CRM tool is not only intended for your salespeople, it can also be used by your marketing department, your customer service, the ADV, etc. Thus, all your employees, whether in the field or sedentary, have access to the same data which is synchronized in real time. All of your employees therefore have all the data they need to gain in-depth knowledge of your customers.


The CRM tool analyzes the dysfunctions of the sales process and offers you solutions adapted to each case. Your KPIs (turnover, average basket, conversion rate, etc.) are also visible directly from the CRM tool, which facilitates the analysis of the performance of the sales department and improves managerial decision-making.

Finally, a CRM tool has many advantages for your sales department, but also for all of your company’s employees. The data is thus centralized and accessible to the entire company.

The CRM tool covers broad missions with all the departments of your company:

  • Marketing: with the management of emailing campaigns, marketing automation, etc.
  • Management: management of the activity, monitoring of dashboards, help in decision-making
  • Technical: management of intervention vouchers and equipment parks
  • Customer service: targeting and segmentation, qualification of entrants

A powerful tool, CRM allows you to ensure the consistency of your customer relationship strategy, improve your sales department and thus boost your sales.

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