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5 strategy to improve your online brand image in 2021

In an increasingly connected world, e-reputation is taking more and more place in the professional world. Did you know that today, 97% of consumers use the internet to find a professional?

A simple online presence alone is not, however, a guarantee of success: it is essential to nurture your company’s online image and keep it up to date.

We offer 5 ways to develop your image and take advantage of your online presence.


Communication is essential for a business. With the advent of digital, communication tools are becoming more and more numerous. Opting for an omnichannel communication strategy based both on your e-commerce, corporate or showcase website and on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) is the most effective solution for reaching a large audience. There are also many tools that facilitate the communication of a company such as tools that allow you to manage several social networks at the same time and to schedule your publications, or even tools designed to send emails automatically in response to a message. precise action of your customers or prospects (marketing automation). In addition to these communication tools, Google Analytics is a tool that can allow you to analyze the traffic of your website in a general and more precise way. Thus, you will be able to analyze your actions and their feedback.

All these tools will also allow you to target your audience more, to determine the communications actions that work best, or on the contrary those that need to be reworked.


Having a website is good, however a simple online presence does not guarantee you an increase in your business. In order to improve your brand image and gain visibility, it is important to regularly publish content related to your activity and / or related to your news on your website. As well as relaying information on your social networks. By showing that your business is active and current, you gain in natural referencing and you reassure your customers, your prospects but also potential candidates who will come to find out about your company before applying. By focusing on the interactions you have with your Internet users, you will increase their interest in your business and your offers.


Internet is a platform that allows you to showcase your expertise in one or more fields. It is therefore wise to publish content that attests to your skills in the areas in which you are positioned. This process is intended to give credit to your comments and at the same time increase the trust that your readers will place in you. In order to give more weight to your expertise, you must differentiate yourself from the competition by publishing innovative content and detailing the content of your offers. Keep in mind that what is also working very well right now is free content. So do not hesitate to offer white papers / ebooks or other documents that could confirm your expertise with your target, and this for free.

In addition, customer reviews, or customer references, can also have a weight in demonstrating your expertise online.


Most often, when we talk about brand image and notoriety, we think of expanding the customer portfolio without necessarily thinking about the satisfaction and therefore the loyalty of current customers. However, a satisfied customer is a guarantee of notoriety and an excellent way to improve his brand image, because he will participate in word-of-mouth and recommend you to those around him (professional or personal). It should be kept in mind that 80% of people learn about the opinions concerning the products and services provided by a company before the act of purchase! Today, we know that the opinions of your customers are important, and this in any field of activity. If your customers are satisfied and they talk about their satisfaction on the internet, you have everything to gain. You can also encourage them to share reviews on your website, on your social networks, etc. in order to increase your notoriety and your visibility online.


The visual identity of a company consists of a logo, a slogan as well as a graphic charter. These elements must be consistent with each other: they convey your values, your philosophy as well as the field of action and the strategy of your company. To be effective, your logo as well as your slogan must be evocative and mark the spirits.

The graphic charter allows you to imbue your documents and visuals with the identity of your company and guarantees the homogeneity and consistency of your communication media.

It is imperative to match your online content, be it your website, social media, etc. to this graphic charter so that customers and prospects can quickly and easily identify your business.

Improving its image online is meticulous and daily work that concerns any company wishing to develop and perpetuate its activity. The visual characteristics of your business must be compelling, and easily identifiable in the minds of your customers. Customer satisfaction also plays a key role in building your brand image and should remain a lasting goal for your business.

Your business is not the only one to be present online, your competitors are too, so do not hesitate to innovate in your content, your visuals, your communications, etc. in order to stand out.

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