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The Best B2B marketing strategies of 2021 to Sell more

Currently, to have good B2B marketing strategies it is essential that you be critical and highly analytical; In addition to focusing them completely on your target audience (which in these cases is usually well defined), you have to consider those factors that could limit your actions.

If you are reading this it is because your business is aimed at attracting customers who are also businesses, you are in the world of B2B marketing (business-to-business). You already know that communicating with a company is not the same as communicating with the end user or consumer.

The type of marketing you are in dictates that: your target audience is more interested in the ROI or the level of professionalism you offer, they make strategic purchase decisions based on logic and numbers, they usually bet on the purchase of solutions in the long run, they prefer to speak with experts in the field to place the order.

Based on all these considerations, it is appropriate to forge B2B marketing strategies that lead you to sell more to them. However, it is essential that you know very well that there is a very marked difference between a specific marketing action and a more comprehensive strategy.

When you seek to generate a strategy, what you do is set specific objectives and decree what actions you will take and with what metrics you will measure them. If you do not generate an adequate guide to obtain success, launching independent actions in a timely manner will not be useful at all.

Now, without a strategy it will be impossible for you to create and track marketing campaigns, and you will not be able to know what actions to take to achieve a common goal; so it is necessary that you contact a digital marketing agency , to help you with all this process.

Tactics you can use

Below, you will find a series of B2B marketing strategies that can be very useful, but you cannot apply them lightly; Make sure to choose the ones that help you achieve the goals you have determined in your analysis, which is generally to increase sales.

Email Marketing

Surely you are already in tune with this, that is, you have an email marketing strategy set . However, for it to work, you must accompany it with a prior or parallel strategy to capture leads, to impregnate the message you are going to transmit with viable arguments.

Some practices that you can apply for your b2b email marketing strategy to be successful are:

Reinforce how your brand can be beneficial to their time, money or resources.

Send out newsletters regularly.

Study your competition and offer messages that differentiate you.

Generate impactful email subjects, these must include a solution to your needs.

I added Call to Actions in emails to encourage consumers to take action.

Segment your audiences and send the ideal content to each of them.

Generate responsive and current designs.

Leads acquisition

Having an effective subscriber list that really matches your target audience is a great weapon. It is useless to have 100,000 subscribers, if they do not fit your target; so you have to use the many channels that exist to capture the ones that are ideal for you.

Among the most effective actions that will help you expand your list of b2b subscribers are:

Download content . Generate as much as possible downloadable documents such as guides, ebooks, checklists, among others; so you can get the email of a subscriber. You can also generate documents that you know are capable of meeting the needs of your audience, make them available for download in exchange for leaving your email.

Generation of specific landing pages . With them you can prevent the user from getting lost on your web page because it is not fully optimized for conversion, this can lead to them not executing the option you want, in case they subscribe. So get advice from a digital marketing agency to create well-optimized landing pages that focus on the conversion of users who visit your website.

Carrying out contests or raffles . Eventually launching sweepstakes or contests is a very effective way to capture leads at a low price. You have to put that the essential requirement to participate will be to leave the email. Make sure that the type of contest you launch is of real interest to your target, otherwise you will be attracting leads that may not be useful to you.

Online advertising campaigns

It is undoubtedly one of the best B2B marketing strategies  because: it has a high return on investment, its cost is relatively low, you can optimize them at all times, it allows you to segment, you can stop the campaign if you notice that the return is not positive.

The most indicated option, as far as b2b social networks are concerned, is indisputably LinkedIn because it houses active professional profiles. To carry out campaigns there, you will have to make a greater investment, but it will be well worth it; The profiles that you will find there will be much more segmented at the professional profile level, so the results will be much more specific, the leads more qualified and the ROI higher.

SEO positioning

Search engine optimization revolutionized the way you should present your web content, in order for users to find you. There are SEO techniques  that can help you improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

A strategy based on this should include an audit of your current page, as well as a keyword research that illustrates which are the most searched keywords by your audience. So that? In order for you to implement them in your content, in order to improve your visibility.

Once you’ve found the ones that work best for you, you don’t have to hold on to them as a final decision. In b2b marketing you have to constantly test, measure and correct until you find the formula that best suits your business. Test, modify and optimize!

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