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Some statistics to making your business blog Success in 2022

The corporate blog is the best tool to position our brand on the Internet, and get more traffic to the website when users perform their searches.

If you are thinking about creating a blog for your business, you must be clear that it is a long-term strategy, and that it needs daily work to keep it updated and optimized.

Therefore, if you do not have enough time, the company must hire or delegate this responsibility to a qualified person to achieve the purposes and objectives.

Next, in this article you will find  10 keys to be successful with your corporate blog.

1.Set goals

The blog is an excellent marketing tool but as in any strategy, before starting, you should be clear about the objectives you want to achieve.

You can set different goals, although this will also depend on the professional activity carried out in each company, so I’m going to detail some suggestions if you do n’t know what goals to set on your blog :

  • Build your brand on the Internet.
  • Attract potential customers.
  • Generation of leads or subscribers.
  • After-sales service.

If you establish the objectives you want to achieve from the beginning, it will be easier to monetize the time you spend creating content on the blog, and therefore, achieve the expected results.

One of the most common mistakes in companies is to use the blog as an advertising showcase to sell their products, when in reality it is considered a more personal and human communication channel.

2.Identify your audience

Who is your audience? This is the big question you should ask yourself when you start with a professional or corporate blog, because depending on the answer you will have to create a certain content format.

It is vitally important to know how to identify and analyze your target audience, as it will help you to know who they are, what they need, and how they behave .

After having this information to know the audience, their needs and behaviors online, you can start creating relevant content that is very useful for readers.

Remember that people are looking for information on the Internet every day to solve a problem, or seek a solution to their daily concerns.

Taking this into account, you should analyze what types of content are the most sought after by users, because in this way you will be able to know what content may be of great interest, and thus capture the attention of your readers.

3.Define the publication frequency

When you start with a blog, it is advisable to have defined the frequency with which you are going to publish your content, since the two most important factors to be successful are perseverance and perseverance .

There is no established rule regarding the quantity of articles that must be published, since this will depend on the criteria established in each person and company.

However, I advise you to publish content at least once a week to maintain a routine and have the blog active with updated content.

Another very important aspect is to have the publication day fixed, in case it is weekly, or the days of the week that you are going to want to publish, despite the fact that many companies make the serious mistake of skipping this golden rule.

For example, in my personal case I always share two weekly posts, being Tuesday and Friday, and I never try to change the routine even if it is a national holiday or other special circumstance.

4.Plan a calendar

In addition to having fixed the frequency with which you are going to publish on your blog, you must also make a monthly editorial calendar  with all the content that you are going to share.

Content planning will exponentially benefit the productivity of your corporate blog, and will transmit professionalism to readers who visit the blog constantly.

The editorial calendar can be defined as a virtual list of tasks that serves as a guide for the creation of content, and compliance with the dates established in the publications.

Before making the editorial calendar, you must create a content strategy related to the company, but never forgetting the needs of those people we want to attract to the website.

 5.Create relevant content

The wealth of both a professional and corporate blog is based mainly on the quality of the content and not on the quantity, therefore, you should add value to your content with information that is useful to readers.

In this way, you will be able to capture people’s attention so that they leave their comments, share the articles on social networks, and subscribe to the newsletter list.

In addition, the positioning of your brand in search results will improve thanks to this participation, so it will be necessary to encourage readers to take these actions.

6.Convey your personality

The best way to connect with readers is to show yourself as a person, so don’t be afraid to leave a personal opinion on an issue or reflect a disagreement about something.

Displaying the author’s name in blog posts is one of the ways to convey closeness to the audience, since readers can verify that there is a human person behind the text.

In the end, both social platforms and the blog are communication channels that allow us to converse with people, and for this reason it is necessary to identify ourselves when we speak behind the image of a brand.

These actions are about creating a community where consumers feel heard and valued by the brand, and at the same time serve to build a more human relationship.

7.Respond to customers

Although many companies used the blog as an advertising website to sell products or services, it must be recognized that this behavior has changed over time.

Brands have been realizing that the blog should be used for the sole purpose of educating and informing people, so now they use all their efforts to create useful content.

More and more companies are applying a content strategy based on common sense, that is, sharing information to answer the most common questions from customers and consumers .

Another of the common mistakes that companies make with a blog is to always think about content to do better SEO, and not so much about providing information that meets the needs of their consumers.

For this reason, I recommend that you always think about the purpose of the blog and not look so much at the navel of the company.

8.Do SEO on articles

Surely you have heard a lot from digital marketers about the word SEO, and it is basically the optimization of a website for search engines.

The best way to do SEO in the contents of the blog is by using the keywords (keywords) , that is, using words that describe the main content of the page.

The use of keywords is very important because they are the phrases or search terms that a user performs on the Internet when accessing a website from a search engine.

A too frequent situation when writing an article is to think about what words to use, to position the content in the first search results, and get more traffic to the web page.

There are many tools, but one of the most popular is the keyword planner , because it is a free tool that allows you to search for keyword ideas or ad group, obtain historical statistics, know the performance of a list of keywords and even create a keyword list combining multiple term lists.

9.Promote the blog

The task of a blog does not end when you click the publish button, on the contrary, you must continue the work with a series of subsequent tasks to disseminate the content in the different communication channels.

After having published your article, it is necessary to share the content through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

With this dissemination strategy you will get a greater amount of traffic to the website, and therefore, a great opportunity to generate conversions, get comments, and get them to share the content.

In addition, it is essential that you have a plugin installed on the blog that allows readers to share any content through the different social networks.

It simply consists of inserting a vertical or horizontal bar with buttons from the different social platforms, as I have placed on the left of my page, and thus make it easier for the reader to share the article with their friends.

10.Analyze the results

In previous articles I have already commented on the importance of knowing how to measure all the data of our activity on the Internet, since it is the only way to detect errors and improve strategies.

Regardless of the topic, the professional sector or the purpose of the blog, it is necessary to know if the efforts are paying off and if not, take the appropriate decisions to achieve the objectives.

If you use the Google Analytics tool you will be able to analyze the behavior of users when they browse your website, the origin of the traffic (Google, social networks, websites, etc.), the most visited pages, the average duration of visits, and many More data.

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