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What is newsletter and how it can be helpful for your Website

The email marketing remains one of the most used marketing strategies in companies. And is that, checking email is one of the first things we do every morning and that, small and large brands, know it. However, its success does not lie only in this. If you want to discover what this strategy consists of, what are its objectives and advantages and how to implement it in your global marketing strategy… keep reading!

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a type of digital and periodic publication that is distributed through email and that usually collects the most relevant news of a company. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly … and it focuses on sending subscribers content of interest, for example: offers and promotions, valuable free content, news in products and services …

These subscribers have shown their interest in the brand or company and have agreed to receive all the content, which is why it is considered one of the best tools to keep the client or potential client aware of all the news, since they have previously agreed to receive that information .

Objectives of having a newsletter

The main objective of having a newsletter is to retain customers and increase conversion . Its low cost means that potential customers can be impacted more times. In addition, the public that receives a newsletter has previously given their consent, therefore they are interested in receiving said content, which means that your efforts are aimed at a segmented target audience with an interest in your products or services.

Another objective to highlight is that the newsletter increases traffic to the website , thus improving the positioning of your site and stimulating sales, mainly because it is a perfect channel for companies to send users discounts, special promotions , news, etc.

Advantages for your company when using a newsletter

Next, we will talk about the main advantages of using a newsletter in your company:

Economical : it is a very economical digital marketing strategy . It does not require a large investment, therefore it can be afforded by large companies to medium and small ones.

Build customer loyalty : as we have mentioned before, the newsletter helps build customer loyalty because it always keeps them informed of promotions and news related to your brand or company.

Ease of scope measurement – Provides the business with instant, traceable results.

Conversion : this is what all companies seek. It is a good sales channel and can have more conversions than other channels, mainly because of what we mentioned earlier, that subscribers have previously shown their interest by agreeing to receive that content.

Tools to create a newsletter

We talk about two tools to create a newsletter that you should try:


Mailchip is one of the most famous tools on the market for sending newsletters. It offers different plans: a free version that allows up to 2,000 subscribers (for smaller companies) and two paid versions, one that increases the cost according to the volume of messages sent and another that offers advanced features, such as: transactional emails and segmentation.


It is one of the most effective and intuitive email marketing tools on the market. It offers numerous advantages, among which are: its coach service, highly predictive and interval sending, contact segmentation, creation of forms and the performance of A / B Test.

In addition, users will be able to enjoy tutorials to learn how to carry out effective mailing strategies.

How to create a newsletter

If you want to start implementing this type of strategy in your company, learn how to create a newsletter or put yourself in the hands of professionals who will help you achieve your goals.

Here are some steps so you know where to start:

Define your goals and analyze the situation

As happens before launching any marketing action, we must think about what we want to achieve, that is, what our objectives are. Ask yourself: what objective do I want to achieve with my marketing action? It can be to increase sales , retain customers, increase traffic to the website, and so on.

But you must not only define your objectives, you must also analyze the situation, and this includes analyzing the competition. You can subscribe to a competitor’s newsletter to see how this strategy works with their audience.

Build a mailing list

Who are you going to send the newsletter to? You need to have a list of contacts to send your newsletter so get to work and carry out recruitment actions, for example: through a banner or widget on your website. You can also choose to offer an incentive in exchange for the contact, incentives such as downloadable useful content are a good option. For this action to work, the content has to be of value and useful, it must offer something that the user needs such as templates, tips, resources, etc.

Once you have a viable minimum number of subscribers, you will have to sit down to analyze the information in the form and see what your user base is like. It is also the time to segment the audience on different mailing lists based on their preferences.


You must plan the strategy in advance. Some of the most basic aspects that you must take into account to achieve success in the action are the contents, the frequency of sending, the sequence of the messages and the design. The contents must be cared, responsible content, and must have the appropriate tone. You must take care of the periodicity so as not to tire the subscriber, remember the famous ‘less is more’. Sometimes less content can lead to greater success. By sequence we mean that you must take into account the previous contents that you have sent, for example: you can create a sequence of contents and send each one in a newsletter . And finally, the design. Design is key to capturing the reader’s attention. It must respect your corporate image, it must use the appropriate colors and it must be easy to read so that the user does not close it immediately and cause it to drop.

Send the newsletter

When the newsletter is planned, you can proceed to send it. You just have to automate this process so that the shipment becomes a simple task. In the previous section we have talked about some tools that can help you.

Measure the results

All marketing actions must end with the measurement of results. No action will be complete if these are not measured. The metrics are what show us if the strategy has been successful or it has not been, it is the metrics that tell us which is the correct path to achieve success.

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