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Here is the 10 best way to promote your business on Pinterest

Pinterest continues to be one of the favorite and most popular social networks due to the success of visual content, and for this reason many companies are betting heavily so that their brand is present.

It is also true that many businesses think that it is not necessary to have an account on this social platform, because it only consists of publishing photos of the products.

However, it should be noted that one of the great advantages offered by this social network is the increase in traffic to brand websites.

In this article you will find 10 ways to promote your brand on Pinterest :

1.Include Price Tags

Users are not only looking for creative and inspiring ideas, but they are also willing to buy those products that may be of interest to you.

Be sure to include a price tag on any pins you’ve created or reworked, because pins with prices have been shown to get 36% more “Likes”  over non- priced pins .

After all, this social network generates more referral traffic than the sum of other social media such as Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Therefore, the main objective of any company that has a presence on Pinterest should be to direct as much traffic as possible to its website, and to convert these visits into new purchases of its products or services.

Do not make the mistake of focusing on the publication of your products as if it were a store window. You want to provide true value to your community with a healthy mix of utility, inspiration, and product information.

2.Use your Pin link

There are two ways to post a pin (image) to your board (album).

The first consists of uploading the image like any other social network, and the second, which is the fastest and easiest, consists of pinning (publishing) your image from the browser using the  Pin it button .

To use this button, you will first have to install it  in your default browser.

When you publish a product article on your corporate blog, the next step will be to  pin the image.

After doing so, you will see that you have your own address for that particular pin, as this will be the link that you share on all social networks.

The experts specialized in Pinterest recommend including two types of links in the publications that are made in the different social media.

One link that directs readers to your blog article, and the second that leads to your pin, which you get when you upload the image. These two links should always be located at the end of the comment you write in the post.

3.Show your Pins in the Newsletter

Another tip that experts recommend is to take advantage of sending newsletters, whether they are daily or weekly newsletters, to show your best pins to the subscribers on your list.

It will consist of inserting a screenshot of your Pin in the newsletter , but also including in that image a link that links to the address of your pin.

With this it is intended that when the reader clicks on the image of the email, they will be sent directly to the board where you have published the image. This way you will get them to browse your boards to see what else you have.

If, in addition to including your best pins in the newsletter, you also add a call to action that says “Pin it” , you will provide subscribers to your list with an easy way to follow you. Most likely they will thank you, and you will be rewarded for them pinning your image.

4.Find Popular Board Group

Using board groups on Pinterest is a great way to reach more people to get more repins, followers, and traffic.

However, these groups are quite difficult to find because there is no search function to help you find them.

I recommend setting the order by repins, because the pins that appear in the list will be the most attractive. If you are looking for a table with a specific title or description, you can also add them.

To see a board of the list you will only have to click on the name, and you will be sent to that board on Pinterest.

5.Promote your presence

9 Ways to Maximize the Value of Pinterest for Business | Sprout Social

Many brands who have a Pinterest account are surprised to see that fans are not likely to stumble upon it while browsing the social network, despite being one of their favorite brands.

One way to promote your presence is to choose something fun or attractive that suits the current season , holidays or trends, along with cross promotions on the other social platforms.

Here are some ideas that you can use to let fans or subscribers know about your profile on Pinterest:

  • Tweet about Pinterest 2-3 times a week.
  • Post on Facebook once a week or every two weeks.
  • Send an email mentioning Pinterest.
  • Add a tab with the Pinterest app on your Facebook page.
  • In addition to promoting on social media, also optimize your website by inserting a widget with your profile, ‘follow us’ buttons , and “Pin it” buttons on your photos.

6.Drive traffic with blog boards

Creating a dashboard for your blog will be of great help to your followers, because this way they will find all your blog entries.

Using relevant keywords in the name of the board will make it easier for followers to find your board on search engines.

As I mentioned before, after posting an entry on your blog you should pin this on the blog board. Whenever you do this, you should include a brief summary of the article, a relevant high-quality image, and a link to the blog post itself .

Remember that the visual representations of data or illustrations in your content are informative, and this will encourage visitors to click on the blog post to find out more.

7.Follow the Pins of the competition

People who pin articles from your competitors’ web pages are possibly people who would like to have to pin this from your web site.

Pin alerts is a simple application, in the testing phase, that allows you to configure alerts when articles are pinned from any website, such as those of your competition, so that you can find those pinners.

Now you can check the number of pins, boards, and followers a pinner has. If they are pinning relevant content from one or more of your competitors, it will mean that they are very active followers so it would be reasonable to follow them. Although it is likely that they will also begin to follow you and pin your content.

8.Humanize your brand

Many brands have realized that it is not enough to publish images that produce positive emotions for their followers, they want to know more about personal life in the company.

There are many  ways to humanize your brand, such as sharing images of your satisfied customers, employees enjoying an excursion or company lunch, an event where the brand participates, the opening of a new store or the hometown where the company was founded.

This allows you to show your followers the more human side of the brand and convey the family atmosphere that is breathed in the office. More and more users want to know what happens behind a corporate image, and they show less interest in promotions.

 9.Thank your Fans for their loyalty

Continuing with the previous point, it is very important to thank your fans for their loyalty to your brand. So, one of the ways to show this appreciation can be by thanking everyone for having reached a certain number of followers on your Pinterest profile.

Don’t forget to share the thank you pin that you have created for the event through social networks, so that your message can reach and be seen by more people.

10.Share your lifestyle, not your products

This is closely related to the two previous points, and being on social networks does not mean that it should be used as an advertising channel for the products or services that your company offers. Because for that there are the promotional ads that social platforms provide you.

On the contrary, the philosophy that must be had regarding the use of social networks is that it allows to create a family community with users. Therefore, to achieve this it is necessary that your efforts focus on sharing the lifestyle that the brand has, as if it were that of a person with their personal profile.

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