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Best Advice to make quality stories and Grow your IG community

In this article, I am going to teach you how to make quality stories that impact your community , and give you that visibility that your account needs in order to reach more followers and future clients. I’m also going to teach you how to edit videos with your own smartphone and I’m going to give you some useful tips so that those videos make an impact and retain your audience.

I am going to explain the best way to publish those videos in stories and a very good trick to place a cover on them and thus attract attention to your wall.

Nowadays, videos are one of the most important aspects of Instagram and that most allow us to communicate with our audience. Therefore, you have to keep these tips in mind as they will be of great use to you now and in the future. The video is going to take on more and more importance, so… ATTENTION!


As you know, stories only last 24 hours , they are very short publications with which you can do a lot of creative things. Once the 24 hours have passed, all the stories are saved in the history and are archived, in such a way that you will not lose them, and if at any time you wanted to save any of them or put it as a featured story, know that you still can.


The stories are located below the description of our biography of the Instagram profile

If you want to create a new featured story you have to click on highlight Once you click on highlight, you will get the stories published previously , if you want to do it with those stories you only have to select those stories that you want to retake. Once this is done you press « next », you give it a name and you click « ready ». And just like that, you would have a new folder of featured stories .

Another point that many of you ask me is, how to put the highlighted stories with a cover in such a way that it is more uniform and more visual. The most complicated way to do it is by going to the computer, to photoshop … What I am going to teach you is super easy and you will be able to do it in a moment.


How to Use Instagram for your Business - 13 Practices - The Video Ink

At this point I am going to explain how to make quality stories that impact, that retain your audience, that are more elegant and in this way achieve more visibility and be able to differentiate yourself from the rest.

For this there is a very good, free application called “Unfold”. 

This App is free but it also offers you a lot of paid versions, with a number of very different collections for a very cheap price. But simply with the free version you can already do very creative things.

Check out the following tutorial.

The possibilities of this tool are endless, it is proven that the more elegant and colorful you make your stories, it will make your clients and followers spend more time watching them and even share them, therefore it will bring you more followers, more visits and more growth.

I advise you to use this tool a lot because it really is worth it, it is very easy to use and it is up to you how creative you are to do these wonders.


At this point I’m going to show you how to edit a video with your mobile , what application I use and how you can integrate titles.


The App I’m talking about is free and has another paid part, it’s called “InShot”. With this application you will be able to make quality stories that make an impact.

The free version already allows you to do many things, but do not rule out taking the premium for the future for a very affordable price, less than it would cost you to go out for a few beers, you have a very powerful App in which you can touch up even the video adjustments such as color, light, intensity, add music, increase volume and make a lot of edits with ONLY a mobile phone. Anyway I’m going to show you the free version, just with that part you can do a lot of things.


If you are going to publish the videos on your wall, what I recommend is that they do not last more than a minute, since Instagram does not allow them to be longer. Instagram gives a lot of relevance to videos and gives it much more reach than to photos. Therefore if you are going to make videos of more than a minute for it it is better that you use IGTV.

IGTV is a platform in which you have to use a very well designed strategy, I will talk about this extensively in another article soon.

For now, keep in mind that if it lasts less than a minute or a minute, post it on your Instagram feed (wall). Now, if you want to publish this video in your stories , today we have the facility that Instagram itself divides the video into 15-second fragments. Not like before that you had to go to external applications to be able to do it.

Another recommendation that I make is that you do not be afraid to recommend other accounts in your stories. In fact, it is good that you recommend other profiles because Instagram in this way will see that others grow through you and that will make you more relevant.


Something very useful for videos is putting a cover on them. If they do not have a cover, you will have to choose between one of the frames of the video that may or may not be just what you want.

My advice is that you put a cover with text so that it encourages much more visitors who are viewing your wall and know what the video is about. How can you do this? There is an application called Canva.

It is a free App that will help you make all kinds of creatives, including posters for your Instagram.

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