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Technique to increase Instagram Engagement With low Investing

There will be those who like it more or like it less, but it is undeniable that Instagram is still the most popular Social Network of the moment. Now, what I have realized is that people think that creating an Instagram account is something easy to carry, that by uploading a couple of stories and a few photos you are going to succeed.

Getting followers and a consolidated community is a difficult task to leave to chance. For this reason, I have decided to make this post, to give you a series of tips, whether you have a company or personal profile, that will make you increase in followers and improve the engagement of your Instagram with them.


The engagement of Instagram is the ability of a person, brand, product to create a lasting bond with a community. In short, what you have to look for is that users fall in love with you, your brand, your product or services.

If you have in mind to launch into this Social Network, you have to know that the more engagement you have, the more business opportunities and the better results you will get.

From here you can know the following:

Of the total number of people who receive your post and see it, how many people interacted with the content.

If many people see it but it does not arouse interest, you can already pay for publicity or make a point that you will not get much more.

Instagram rewards quality content that encourages users to interact with it.

And without further ado, we are going to see what techniques can be done to improve the engagement of your Instagram account.


Instagram is a perfect tool to work on the credibility of your business or personal brand, get traffic, create community, strengthen your authority and most importantly, build trust with your community, position yourself and differentiate yourself from your competition.

There is something that you have to have a clear clarinet so that all this has a meaning, you have to have a firm and worked purpose.

Where do you want to go

What do you want to get

What audience are you going to address?

What is your purpose with this

Once you are clear about this, you can focus on how to improve Instagram engagement and thereby increase your community of followers. And with this and a cake I begin to teach you basic practical tips to achieve it.


This point I think I explain in the vast majority of my articles. Just think about what you do when you see a profile, what do you look at first. Surely in the biography, if it has your approval, you will go to see the design and content of the feed and there you assess together if you are interested in following that account or not.

But the reality is that if the biography is not interesting, the chances of that user following you are very low.

The saying goes that the first impression is what counts, and on Instagram it is completely fulfilled. You have to create an attractive biography and feed, which at just a glance captures your audience.


Choose a suitable username and to be able to be the same for all your social networks.

Profile picture:

  • Personal Brand Instagram photo of you from the shoulders up.
  • Company profile, logo.
  • Put your skills
  • What do you do or the services you offer
  • Hashtags
  • Emojis
  • Create calls to action
  • URL
  • Featured Stories

Not by posting more will you have more followers, or have more engagement on Instagram. My advice is that you make an editorial calendar, study your audience and see which days and hours are the most TOP to be able to publish.

Posting several times a day can even be counterproductive for you or your brand. Why? because your posts would be competing with each other and this would reduce your reach.

But what you can do is instead of publishing a second time in the feed, use the wonderful stories. Many of you forget about them and there is an exclusive audience that only consumes Instagram stories.


More than 200 million people use stories. 200 MILLION! Think how many opportunities are there.

Stories play a crucial role when it comes to increasing the engagement of your Instagram account, it is a way to hook your audience, to humanize, to play with your publications in the feed, to obtain information from your community, to play with them, create a confessional with them from your stories

Add hashtags, GIFS, music, surveys, questions, locations … play with everything that the same Instagram platform offers you and obviously add your creative touch.

Create outstanding stories with strategy. For example, a folder with tips, another with courses / infoproducts, books. Things that are interesting to your community and have it easily accessible.


As its name indicates, Social Networks, it tries to be social, right? or am I going crazy? .

Instagram is very attentive to these actions, and if it sees that you do not put your grain of sand in creating a community, that you do not bother to comment, give likes, interact in stories, you will not like it.

To all this, add answering the comments that they leave you in the publications, everything you do in the first 60 minutes of your publication will be good to generate more engagement on your Instagram account. In addition, it is very bad taste not to answer a comment that they leave you, don’t you think so too?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all those people you comment on but they have never bothered to return a comment, a like, a lot of colleague, but colleague up to what point?

My advice, you do things right, go your way and don’t mind those “little details.” At first we all get obsessed, but there comes a time when that no longer matters and other things come to the fore. So do not get frustrated, comment and like whoever you want without expecting anything in return and if they come, welcome.


Voucher! I know, Instagram is the Social Network par excellence of images. But it was already known that in 2020 the videos were going to hit very hard, and it is happening.

Numerous studies confirm that videos increase the emotional bond with followers.

The  78% of users  consume online videos each week and  55% do so every day .

There are many actions you can do on videos:

  • IGTV
  • Create series with Info products
  • Beauty routines, sport
  • Dictionary
  • Tutorials
  • Tricks
  • Recipes.

Make direct, also now these direct you can publish them in your feed as IGTV.


The call to action is the closure of your content that invites the user to do something to achieve your goal. The first thing you have to be clear about is what you want to achieve with that call to action.

  • Traffic to your website
  • Generate conversation
  • Take them to your online store, e-commerce

Gain visibility

Depending on that, you will have to choose one call or another. This strategy is very good to increase your engagement on Instagram.


Both you and all brands seek to attract and entertain followers. Contests and giveaways have become a very common marketing tactic to quickly increase followers and generate engagement on Instagram.

After all, Instagram is a communication and participation platform in which giveaways, contests, promotions are an incredible way to invite your followers to participate and get involved with you .

Remember when organizing a contest that people use a specific hashtag in order to get more exposure for the brand.


The hashtags were created to be used, but not by putting X hashtags in your post you will get more engagement. Everything has a process, a strategy, a technique.

So my advice is that you take your time to do a suitable keyword study for your sector and then that you use common sense.

And as always, measure results to see what works and what can be improved. If you get hold of the hashtags you have a lot to win to increase Instagram engagement . Here is an example of a good use of hashtags, all the metrics that I am going to teach you are 100% organic.


Do you know how to find out your peak times to post …? There are payment tools that can tell you but the Instagram App itself facilitates that step and for free.

It is very important that you be guided by these data to obtain greater engagement on Instagram , if what you want is to stand out and become a recognized brand within your sector, do your best to try.

The means are there, now you just have to give it the will and time.


If you want your community to commit to you, interact with you, give them a reason to do so. And one of those ways is by having an active conversation with your audience.

Interact! But when I say this, I don’t just mean that you reply to the messages they leave on your profile, NO! , dialogue in other publications, give likes, answer private ones, share publications from your audience and even competition. Cross borders and seek followers outside your circle.


People are nosy by nature, but in Spain it is already something that exceeds the limits. Putting your geolocation will be something that your audience will love, since they can point to that place and go one day to have that magnificent beer on that spectacular sofa that you are enjoying at that moment.

In addition, if someone wants to search for that place, city, neighborhood to see what can be done there, they will only have to go to the search engine and there will be the publications with that geolocation.

In this way you can reach more people, get more followers and interactions, which means that you can increase your engagement on Instagram.


I have saved this point for the end because it seems to me to be one of the most important and one that I am always repeating. Even so, I am going to reiterate myself in case there is someone clueless in the room.

Your community is the most important, take care of it, pamper it, add value to them, talk with them, make them participate … why? Simple, someone who is happy with you will be good for you in their circle and that will make followers of a Supreme quality.

Turn your community into your own ambassadors, who share you on social media, tag friends in your post, for me, without a doubt, the best engagement you can earn on Instagram 100%.

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