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Tips : Email marketing to boost your business in 2021

In this article we are going to show you how to obtain the maximum results through email marketing ,

Customize shipping

One of the biggest advantages you have when it comes to contacting you by email is the personalization that you can achieve in a matter of minutes.

It is important that your brand is clearly associated with your corporate image , the aesthetics and the colors of your logo. This is something that you can achieve without having to be an expert designer, or hire one.

It is very easy to use the editors of the mailing platforms . They allow you to incorporate customizable text, images, buttons and headings to create a visual impact with any theme.

If you’re not entirely creative at the moment, that’s fine! You can take the free templates specially designed for each occasion and thus you will already have a starting point. Then you can adapt them to your goals, preferences and style of your business.

Email marketing gives you the ability to segment your database , for example, based on the country of residence of your subscribers. Thus, you will be able to replicate your campaign for each geographic segment and make small content modifications that make the empathy between them and your brand. The same applies to each category of products.

Remember: the emotional bond is what lubricates the purchase process, and this is obtained from the hand of personalization.

Schedule and achieve better results with Automation

We often read about how important it is to schedule marketing actions in a digital strategy, and of course! Doing so is very easy thanks to technology, and it brings us many benefits!

The first thing you have to know is that if you define a delivery date for each campaign, you are already very close to creating a fully automated flow. What’s this about?

Business planner for an important online fashion business, explained in his presentation how to plan the sending of Christmas campaigns taking into account different business variables, such as logistics and the data that a company has.

Being clear about the shipments that you are going to make allows you to organize your time very well with Email Automation.

With this functionality you can very easily schedule your shipments with specific dates, time intervals between each of them and even start a chain of emails that are delivered according to the interaction of each subscriber.

Always keep this in mind: don’t wait for special dates! Achieve more sales potential and a better brand image by being present at all times.

Arouse interest through email marketing

Email Marketing: Definition, Strategy and Benefits in Digital Marketing

Marketing is about satisfying needs and generating wants , and it is important that your brand is the solution for your customers.

For necessities, in seasonal times people are generally in a position to meet social expectations as they have to find gifts for their friends and family, or even for themselves!

If you add this situation to the context of the increase in electronic purchases, you can already imagine a consumer totally interested in solving their concerns without taking time away from their celebrations, their vacation planning and their interest in removing the stress or tensions accumulated by the day to day.

What is the wish then? Satisfy their need through your products : that it be a fast delivery, that adapts to their times and everything that gives the client security in choosing you and not any other competitor.

Now that you know that you can personalize your messages by email, you have the path somewhat paved. First you have to analyze what you can offer to make your business become a problem solver.

– I propose alternatives of your products aligned with the different times of the year. This only in the case that you can adapt the style to the theme. You do not need to make a big modification, a simple detail winking to each era can add a lot.

– Give incentives that reinforce the purchase decision , such as discounts. Do them in advance and in a planned way so that they vary over time and have a greater sales potential. The closer the date gets, the greater the urgency of the consumer. So, think of variants like “last minute discount” or “immediate delivery” to convince them.

– I turned a purchase into more than one gift . Imagine that when that special date arrives, one person receives one of your products while another receives a gift card that your business offered for free with the purchase. Having this look helps your brand reach the hearts of more people.

These tips are essential for your brand to be the protagonist. And the best news is that they all have one thing in common: you can communicate them clearly through email marketing .

As you already know, in the editor you will be able to modify the content of your mail piece to communicate all the attributes that are valuable to your target buyer.

Do not forget! First, make a list of consumer needs according to each time of year. Then make a valuable proposal based on them. Then, take advantage of the mailing platforms to pour it into a series of personalized, friendly and automated messages to achieve the perfect timing .

Take advantage of seasonality to increase your database

At this point you are probably writing down some tip or detail to polish for your strategy, awakening a new idea or recalling one that you have surely thought about in recent months. But did you stop to think to whom are you going to send your emails?

If the answer is yes, we recommend that you continue reading to learn how to get even more recipients for your campaigns. But first, let’s review in case the answer is no.

One of the principles of email marketing is to send communications only to those who gave you their consent . This is based on a legal principle and that it would be of little use to send emails to someone who never asked to receive them, or has no interest in your business.

Although this seems like a very high barrier, don’t worry! Mailing platforms have been able to adapt to changes so that you can easily capture your target audience.

To do this, you can create subscription forms without the need for programming or design knowledge. You can put it on your blog, website or Instagram profile so that anyone can subscribe to your mailing list.

The key to email marketing: metrics

Email marketing considerably increases the profitability of your online store if you take these tips into account.

Beyond the results being translated into sales success, the business world is characterized by analyzing and knowing the performance of each strategy to implement improvements, and this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

A great advantage is that the mailing platforms offer a report of metrics in real time to know the performance of each campaign.

What information can you know? The number of opens of your shipments, where subscribers clicked, the number of bounces (undelivered emails), removals, geographical location and even from which device and web browser they open them.

All these data are important to make decisions both in your email marketing strategy and in your business , and as a background for future campaigns that you carry out on seasonal dates.

A marketing action can be excellent but never perfect. Therefore, it is important that you take advantage of all the available tools so that you obtain greater and greater results , or else you can identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.

The best of successes! We hope that, with these tips, you prepare to break it and achieve many more sales.

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