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How to Avoid These Common mistakes in email marketing

Knowing these mistakes in email marketing and the tips to avoid them can help you whether you are a small business, Internet entrepreneur or digital marketing professional . Any business can take advantage of the power of this wonderful communication tool because to sell you have to communicate. Of course, in the right way.

If you are not having results with your email marketing campaign due to the fatal errors that you will discover in a few seconds, you should take note. They are probably errors that you will solve once you have read this report since they are usually committed unconsciously and therefore are very easy to solve. You just need to know them. Shall we start?

What are the common mistakes when carrying out an email marketing strategy

These are a series of mistakes that can cost you dearly when you are looking to achieve success in digital marketing campaigns.

Not establishing an email marketing strategy

This first mistake in email marketing can cost any company that decides to invest in this strategy to attract customers quite dearly . Like everything in digital marketing, an email campaign requires strategic planning . In addition to a clear statement of objectives to be achieved and the budget allocated.

For this, the email strategy must be included in a 360 digital marketing strategy. In it you must be clear about your target and the general objective that can be to increase leads , increase traffic to a website, generate sales. Then a schedule or calendar of the mailings must be generated, taking into account the holidays.

Remember that a well-planned and executed email marketing campaign can bring excellent results in increasing traffic and conversions. Likewise, it is a strategy that requires investment and time. Therefore, it is not recommended that you leave it to chance or run an inaccurate campaign.

Not having a good email base

This error is usually one of the most serious in the entire list since it is about the origin and origin of the list of emails that will be used in the campaign. In that case, the mailing list can be purchased from third parties or voluntarily acquired by users. In the first case, buying a list of emails is the least recommended since they are not safe and are very poorly segmented.

Therefore, it is best to generate your own database with the permitted information provided by your regular users or those interested in your business. You can use various methods to create a mailing list. Among them are the forms on the website or social networks , landing pages, among others. Whatever the strategy, data collection must be explicit and have the express authorization of the user.

In this way, the genuinely interested user will remain receptive to the information you send them. Otherwise, users can mark your emails as spam and this leads to a waste of your investment in email marketing. In addition, you would be putting your brand’s reputation at risk.

Not Segment Correctly

The second serious mistake in an email marketing campaign is not correctly segmenting your target audience . The negative effect of this error is that segmentation is useful to classify the email list in categories relevant to the campaign. Such as age, location, stage in the shopping cart, products of interest and more

The purpose of segmentation is to identify the appropriate email marketing campaigns for each group of potential customers . Thus, you can avoid sending irrelevant emails to people who end up marking you as spam or simply ignore you for not feeling identified with the proposal.

In addition, you must bear in mind that your emails are not the only ones that reach customers. Surely they are full of messages from other businesses, so you need to be able to address them if they are really interested. Also, a correct segmentation will avoid you the mistake of wasting your investment in email marketing campaigns.

Your messages are not attractive

A common mistake in email marketing campaigns is not creating attractive messages to hook users. You may think this is not relevant, but the truth is that customers value entertaining and personalized messages that do not seem like a massive chain.

Therefore, added to a correct segmentation, you need to elaborate messages that are directed in a subtle and empathetic way. For this you need to make use of what you know about your target audience. For example, what are their needs and preferences, what interests them, what are their frequent uses among others.

The idea is that you can offer a communication that simulates being the closest to a face-to-face. And, depending on the communication tone of your business, you can address them in a formal way or include some humorous references. Remember that the client also expects to be treated as a close friend.

Send messages with writing errors

In any digital marketing strategy, it is essential to maintain good writing and take care of even the smallest detail of the information you disseminate. While no one is free from a small writing mistake, that’s an unforgivable thing for a brand doing digital campaigns.

That is why you should designate a team or a writing expert to avoid these kinds of mistakes that detract from your prestige. You should not omit any period, comma or accent in each word or phrase that you include in the message. It is always necessary to do a final review to verify that everything is well written and free of misunderstandings.

Abusing the “errata”

Every time you send an email, it is necessary to validate the information that you are about to send email. Especially for businesses that send information on prices, offers and product descriptions . Although in this case, some are forced to send an email with “errata” to correct information errors.

Certainly, there is nothing more uncomfortable than being encouraged to buy something after seeing an offer in the mail and realizing that the information was wrong. And even more confusing is that you receive several messages with “errata” to correct a wrong information and tell you that the offer is not available. Therefore, in every email marketing campaign you must verify the information before clicking “send”

Not keeping a frequency of mails

In the relationship between the client and the user, in addition to empathy, the frequency of communication is valued . Therefore, it is not significant when a brand only speaks when it wants to sell something and the rest of the time it is silent. This undoubtedly makes customers think that brands do not care and that they are only looking to sell them something.

Before falling into that detestable commonplace, which can even lead you to be part of the spam tray , it is advisable to establish a periodicity in the communication. Just like a friend does, the brand must be willing to maintain communication on important dates or just to share some information of interest.

Users value that closeness and this allows them to take you into account and increase the level of brand awareness. While you don’t have to write to them every day, you do try to set a certain time between messages. Of course, avoiding falling on the opposite side of the saturation of unnecessary emails.

Only send sales messages

Continuing with the previous point, an annoying mistake in email marketing is only sending messages for sales purposes. Currently users want to feel that they are the ones who are looking for brands. Therefore, they feel invaded if they receive too many sales messages, especially if they arrive in their personal email.

Therefore, it is best to consider other options for sending emails and maintain fluid communication with users. So you can send emails advising of some news in your blog content, or sending a greeting on some important dates. Of course, you must take into account the budget and not send these chains of messages just to send.

Abusing calls to action

In addition to the previous error, it is harmful to send emails full of call-to-action or call-to-action buttons . These buttons that seek the customer to perform a particular action, how to fill out a form, must be used with good judgment. In particular because calls to action are expected to be persuasive enough to drive conversions.

Therefore, they are an essential element in a well-planned email marketing campaign. However, it is necessary to be clear about the objective of placing the call to action because it is not about placing just anyone. You should also not abuse this resource because otherwise you could end up losing the interest of the potential client and you would divert them from the real conversion goal.

Not optimizing email marketing campaigns

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Another of the serious mistakes of email marketing is omitting the optimization or improvement of the campaigns. It may be that sometimes we err on the side of thinking that the campaign launched was the best we could think of. But day by day, digital marketing shows us that it is necessary to do better and better.

If you focus on optimizing your digital marketing actions, you can greatly simplify your efforts because you will begin to recognize the best paths. Therefore, you need to resort to tools to evaluate the interaction indicators of your campaigns. In this way you will be aware of whether what you are doing and how you are doing it is effective.

In the same way, you can be aware of the email marketing campaigns carried out by the competition. Of course, not to copy them, but to choose them as a starting point and reference for your differential email marketing strategy. Thus, you will be able to stand out from other businesses that also use this strategy.

Eliminate feedback

This error is usually one of the most detestable in an email marketing campaign. It turns out that some brands choose to send chain messages with addresses ” noreply ” which means not responding, which leaves users adrift. You should know that, if you resort to this, you are canceling the possibility of receiving feedback from your customers.

As a result, many users may become discouraged and lose interest in making contact. What’s more, you could be missing the opportunity to resolve doubts that lead to a conversion. And eventually, you could be flagged to redirect you to the spam folder.

Sending an email at a bad time

This is one of the errors that usually occurs in brands with a presence in several countries or in those that do not have a correct email marketing planning . If you have different audiences with a time difference, you need to apply segmentation to schedule the sending of messages at an appropriate time. Preferably, it should be between the early hours of the day, when many read your messages.

In the event that you think that the shipping schedule is not relevant, you should know that it does influence. Remember that people receive many messages a day, so it is necessary to plan when you have opportunities to create more impact. Clearly there is no use sending messages at dawn, this would be uncomfortable and they would end up getting lost. Therefore, it is necessary to research and establish the key hours of your target audience.

Neglecting the design of the message

Another email marketing mistake that you should avoid is neglecting the design of your email campaign . Ideally, the email should be well structured, have friendly call-to-action buttons, which load all the interactive elements. In addition, the email should be quite clear and understandable, without much effort and without items to get lost.

This means that you must take care of the layout, the illustrations, the information and all the details. Also, keep in mind that most users usually open their message box from a mobile device. Therefore, they prefer a simple and fast-loading message design.

Not using the right email marketing tools

Finally, another of the worst mistakes in email marketing campaigns is choosing the wrong tools. These can be both for the generation and segmentation of mail bases or to create and disseminate messages. As a result, you may lose time and money wasted on these campaigns.

Actually, there are several online tools that can efficiently help you accomplish these steps . You can even combine some of them to get complete control of the campaign. And since the list can be huge, we suggest you try and verify some of these tools that suit your needs.

  • Mailchimp : this email marketing tool that allows you to design attractive messages, automate the sending and analysis of results in real time.
  • ActiveCampaign : allows you to segment email lists, personalize messages, automate shipments and follow-up reports.
  • Acumbamail : manage a customer list, design email marketing campaigns, send emails massively and then allow you to check the results reports.
  • Mailrelay : allows you to send up to 75,000 email campaigns to a list of 15,000 subscribers per month, totally free. It also allows you to segment your contacts.
  • Doppler : in the same way, it allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns with great design and then measure the results for optimization.


We hope you have learned from these mistakes that you should avoid in email marketing campaigns. Many times it costs us what we should do, but the value is in identifying the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. Also, apply good practices that will help you implement excellent campaigns. Above all, because these errors cause many losses in your business.

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