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how to configure Facebook Business Manager in 2022?

Whether you are an agency or marketing consultant or a small business owner, you know that managing social media advertising campaigns is not always easy. Fortunately, Facebook has a tool that facilitates the administration and communication of activities between the business owner, company employees and external collaborators. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to know and configure Facebook Business Manager and be able to use all the features offered by the platform.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook business manager is a free Facebook tool that allows you to carry out advertising campaigns within this social network, coordinating the work of the different team members in a more secure and efficient way . In addition to displaying statistics and other information necessary to work more effectively, this platform allows you to manage all the Facebook pages of which you are an administrator, regardless of whether they belong to the same company or not. You can also group multiple pages and advertising accounts under one project and assign any team member to all these pages and accounts by just adding email addresses or personal Facebook accounts.

In this way, when configuring Facebook Business Manager we have the possibility of granting controlled access and for a certain time to external collaborators, agencies or other members of our team to any of our Facebook pages or Instagram profiles, applications, advertising accounts or catalogs. of products, but without losing control over them at any time. For this reason, it is the perfect tool for

  • Companies that want to manage their Facebook and Instagram profiles in a professional way
  • Agencies with employees managing multiple accounts
  • Freelance community managers who work with different clients
  • Online store owners who want to create product catalogs

How does it work?

The Facebook Business Manager is based on a hierarchical organization whose apex is the administrator who configures the account, who is in charge of carrying out the main tasks and assigning the accounts and pages to all the collaborators (members of the company or external) that he adds. to the platform. The working system with Facebook Business Manager is broadly as follows:

When you give access

If you are a small company or business looking to hire the services of an agency or a marketing consultant to carry out a digital marketing campaign , in order to benefit from Facebook Business Manager you will have to have a Facebook profile with access to the fan page and the ad account, register in Business Manager to have your own account and add your corresponding assets (we will explain this later).

Next, you must allow the agency or freelancer access to the project through the tab »Business Settings»> «Partners» and share with them the pixel, fan page, ad account and everything you need to manage to get results in your advertising campaign. From then on, the external collaborator and their teams work through the Business Manager, and at the end of the work you regain control of your accounts by denying them access.

When they give you access

In the case of professionals who work with assets that are not theirs, such as agencies or consultants, they should not configure the account or add the assets for each project with the client, but rather they must have their own Facebook Business account. Manager with their corresponding assets (the different pages, profiles in social networks, applications, etc.) added and give them temporary access to all of them or to some individual ones, depending on the needs of the campaign.

How to configure Facebook Business Manager?

In order to configure Facebook Business Manager it  is necessary to have a personal profile and a Facebook page. If you do not have it yet, you will be offered the option to create it at the beginning of the tool’s configuration, but you will not be able to proceed if you do not complete that step. Keep in mind that when you create your Business Manager, you will have two options within your Facebook: your personal profile and that of the Business Manager. It is important not to mix them up and separate personal life from professional life, so for work you should only use the professional business administrator profile . In any case, to facilitate this task, Facebook does not allow you to publish from your personal profile on the page that you have assigned to the Business Manager account.

Any of the employees or those involved in a project can create the Business Manager account, but it is recommended that the owner do so since you have to be sure that the person who creates the Business Manager account is not going to leave the company to avoid lose the ability to manage the page.

Steps to follow to configure Facebook Business Manager

  • Log into your personal Facebook profile.
  • With the account open, go to the Business Manager page .
  • Click on the “Create account” button in the upper right corner and enter the requested information about your business: the size of the company, the number of assets that are planned to be managed (pages, advertising accounts), your personal name, the company name, professional email.
  • Select the Facebook page or fan page that you want to associate with Business Manager from the drop-down menu .
  • Customize the account with profile and cover photos that represent your business, agency or personal brand.
  • Add your company pages and ad accounts and add the people who will work with you.

How to add assets to configure Facebook Business Manager

Setting up your Facebook business page - Ratz Pack Media

First of all, we must bear in mind that the Business Manager refers to the different accounts, catalogs and pages as “assets”. When configuring Facebook Business Manager, we can add both assets that are our property and others that belong to third parties , although the process for each option is different. In the case of third-party assets, they (usually customers) will have to offer us temporary access to certain accounts for a limited time so that we can manage them.

In the case of own assets, we must add them manually. Once we have created our Facebook Business Manager account, in the Settings menu we find the options “people”, “advertising accounts” and “pages”. The process is as simple as clicking on each of the tabs and filling in the information requested in the window that opens . We also have the option to add more assets later, “Business configuration”:

  • You enter “Business Configuration”.
  • In the assets column, you look for the one you want to add and select it with one click
  • Press the “add” button.
  • In the options that open, choose the option “add assets” and fill in the rest of the data

How to add people so they can work with your assets

To add a person to Business Manager, the process is similar. You must do it in Settings, select the option “People” in the left sidebar and click on the “add person” button at the top. Next, a sale will open in which you must enter the email of the person you want to add (it can be the corporate email, but in order to verify them as collaborators you must use the one associated with their Facebook profile), and you can assign them a role in a very simple way:

  • Select the assets you want to assign and the fan pages or ad accounts you want to give access to.
  • Click  Add Person  and choose an administrator to give access to those ad accounts or pages to manage.
  • In addition to assigning administrators, in the left sidebar you will find other options such as requesting access to new advertising pages and accounts, linking to your company’s applications, creating projects and adding payment methods.

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