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Blogger Should know these Strategies to create content that attracts traffic

If you have a long-term web project with the intention of lasting over time, the best positioning strategy is to generate relevant content . In this way, authority will be gained little by little, which will generate more “interest” in Google for your website and its contents. In an effort of daily and constant work, with the sole objective of having interesting content that attracts readers by itself, in a totally natural way. We are probably talking about a utopian situation, it would be perfect if visits to a website would arrive “without going to look for them.” Which implies, not only that we will have more and more high-quality traffic, but indirectly we will be able to work on Inbound marketing without seeming to be something forced. All are advantages since we will gain visits (which will be possible clients), we will have more keywords that make Google offer our website to a specific search, and improve our authority in the sector, and therefore, our brand.

Generating content that attracts traffic is the best option, which does not imply that we stop paying attention to  SEO On Page  or  SEO Off Page optimization. The combination of unique content and SEO optimization will undoubtedly be the factor that makes the difference with our competition.

Many web pages have a blog, where the owners  publish content on a regular basis . The problem is that in many cases the traffic that is obtained thanks to these publications does not even reach 1% of the web traffic . Making a post or an article is not easy at all , and if you cannot write content that attracts traffic, it is not worth investing resources since there is a job of searching for information, writing, SEO, SMO, etc … that ends up being in broken sack. Keep reading and we will help you find the best content for your digital project.

Develop content that attracts quality traffic

Writing content that brings quality traffic is very difficult. We are not going to deceive you, the Internet is complex, the competition is high and rest assured that your competition does the same (or more) than you do. One of the most interesting points is that your content is interesting enough to be shared, for example on social networks . Nowadays this is something basic, since if it is shared because it is interesting,  the scope is multiplied.

The big problem is that content that attracts traffic and promotes being shared, on networks or other platforms, is not easy to create, but there are some ideas and concepts that can help you generate content that attracts traffic and improves your SEO and your search engine optimization. All this through a strategy based on research to enhance the  quality of your publications and allocate them to what the user expects to find.

Being original is key, but you can’t always have a perfect idea that works for yourself. It is important that you stay up to date on the subject of your sector  and on which you intend to create content. Look for what interests you, the news, and even the things that have already been done that have worked, work on them and do your bit. You will surely find a way to improve them . Don’t be afraid to “learn” from your competitors and unravel what they do. Search in communities, in blogs of the same subject, follow them in networks … in short, stay up to date!

All of the above is almost an obligation, which does not imply that you can use certain tools that will help you in this task of finding topics to write about.

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It is a tool whose most interesting functionality is to analyze the link between your page and the competition . However, it has small (actually large) extra functionalities that you can take advantage of to analyze what is written about a certain topic (or better said about a certain keyword).

In the “Content Explorer” menu you can put a keyword you want to write about and the tool offers a list of results from the title tag, the URL or the contents of the most relevant posts, where that term has been optimized. This way, you can see what has worked and get an idea of ​​where a content that attracts traffic can go.

Find out how to “search”

The keyword or Keyword is what Google (and the rest of the search engines) will use to show you certain results for that search. Google Robots (which are the ones that analyze web pages) have evolved a lot and currently the weight of keywords is not that of previous years. However, despite your efforts to advance semantic search , choosing a keyword should be your first step. Even if it is only to contextualize the content and focus the information of the post.

You must analyze your sector, how do you know what you want to position in a colloquial way, if there are variations with less results in the SERP but that give you some possibility in terms of Long Tail , etc … Again, do not stop using tools such as:

Google Instant:

It is a particular feature of Google, that as you type in the search window, Google will give you a small group of suggestions in relation to your keyword or search. They are not simple random ideas, think that it is what Google recommends because it has detected that it is important for the user. It is a result based on search patterns that the tool itself has detected, do you need more information to realize its importance?

Related Searches:

Another interesting way to discover topics is from the related searches offered by Google. When you do a search, below the results for that search and at the bottom of the page, Google offers you a section of “related searches” with the keyword that you used in your initial search. It’s a good way to get more ideas. Again, they are based on behavior patterns and relationships between terms that Google has detected. So, don’t think of it as just a random listing. It is very relevant information, use it!

Google ads : Keyword Planner:

With this tool you will be able to know related terms, new terms, keyword suggestions , etc … and above all you will be able to know the volume of monthly searches, their level of competition and their suggested bid. All this will help us to select the keyword that best suits our needs. And manage to create content that attracts traffic. This is the quintessential tool for developing good keyword research. In fact, knowing how to use it is essential to determine the Digital Strategy of your web project.


This tool was already well in its beginnings, but recently it has been “bought” by a famous “marketer” worldwide, and has given it a twist. It is a tool that once you enter the keyword, it shows you: search volume, cost per click, the difficulty of positioning the keyword, ideas for similar keywords, the best results that Google offers for that term … Wow, It is an absolute gem.

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Improve what you have found. Provides added value

We have given you some tips to get relevant information for your target audience. If you already know what to write about and have analyzed which keyword to use, you are already on the right track. Don’t just copy what you’ve seen because it won’t do you any good in the long run. You must improve what you liked and is interesting so that your readers can share and have your blog and your content as a reference. Reading competitors is fine, even sharing what they post. Do not be selfish in that sense and work so that they are “forced” to do the same for the high quality of your content.

  • Research on the subject, you do not stop at what you have read above.
  • Look for data to support your comments.
  • Write about personal experiences.
  • Complete the texts with your own opinions or those of others.
  • Structure and organize the content well, separating the themes.
  • Make attractive titles and subtitles.
  • Roll up just enough. Think about the number of pages we read every day.
  • Highlight relevant words in content in bold.
  • Don’t just make text content, video is already a revolution (with many possibilities still in many business niches).

A picture is worth a thousand words

Surely you have read or heard this phrase somewhere. In reality it is not exactly like that, in search engine optimization (in SEO), words are very important because it is what Google understands when passing its Robots. But it is true that the visual works well and makes everything better understood and helps the content that attracts traffic. In addition, in the variety is the taste. For example, if you talk about web tools, taking a screenshot on that tool is something that adds a lot of value. Or if you talk about the evolution of something over time, a graph will help you understand everything at a glance. In addition to completing the content and information with something more visual, it makes reading more enjoyable. Photos, videos, graphics, screenshots, logos, etc … are very important in a post.

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Make Google Like It

Without a doubt, you  need Google to like what you post . Do not limit yourself to marking only the path of SEO and forgetting that the content is interesting. But don’t think that a unique and interesting content by itself is enough to stand out. Google is your friend , treat it well and with affection and you will make the source of organic traffic your ally. Start by choosing relevant keywords, optimizing SEO On Page and looking for links from pages with a similar theme. And so you will get content that attracts traffic safely!

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