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Instagram : Vital Technique to do SEO on Instagram

Images, videos, hashtags … and, of course, keywords. It is clear that Instagram is a platform to value in any  advertising  and marketing strategy . However, the opportunity for many of its more than 1,200 users to engage with your brand content involves  SEO on Instagram . But, is it possible to use the same techniques on Instagram that you use to optimize your web pages? Luckily for you, yes.

In this post we explain  how to do SEO on Instagram  and expand the reach of your brand on social networks.

As we were saying, Instagram has its own search engine that is a kind of mini Google. This means that, when conducting a search on Instagram, in addition to showing results related to  hashtags  or  user profiles , you can also find publications related to  topics of interest , images, colors or specific shapes. The reason is that Instagram has added an  update in 2021 that includes keyword searches . In English in a first phase, but extensive to other languages.

«The search was originally created to help you navigate Instagram. We will soon release a series of enhancements designed for inspiration and discovery. These changes make Instagram search more than just a way to find accounts and hashtags. We’re moving toward a  full search results page experience  that makes it even easier to drill down to your interests.

We are also improving search results for exploration. For example, searching for the word “space” will also display photos and videos related to space.  This is especially useful when you don’t have an exact username or hashtag in mind when searching for a certain topic. ”

But what really interests us as those responsible for  advertising and marketing  is that now it will be much easier to apply  SEO strategies on Instagram  and work on  keywords  within the application itself to obtain the much coveted good positioning in social networks .

What does Instagram take into account when displaying results?

Text, of course!

As  the search result is mainly based on the keywords  that are entered in the search section, Instagram will show profiles, audio, hashtags and places that match. In the space example i mentioned  , it will show results as @space and #space because they include the keyword in their name or description.

Our recommendation is that you try to use those keywords that interest you in the  usernames, bio, subtitles, hashtags and relevant places .

User activity

To show you the appropriate results, Instagram also takes into account  the accounts you follow, the posts you have seen, and how you have interacted with the accounts in the past.

Search results popularity

In the case, more than likely, that there are many potential results to offer, Instagram will take into account their popularity. Popularity is the  number of clicks, likes, shares, and following for a particular account, hashtag, or place . So the more popular, the more likely to appear in searches.

SEO tips to position your brand on Instagram

  1. Pick a good profile name

The username is very relevant when it comes to appearing as a suggestion in searches. You must take into account these 3 premises:

Name related to content:  Use a profile name that is related to the content of your posts, that will help you appear as “relevant” in searches.

Recognizable name:  If your fans or friends recognize you by a certain name, you must include it in your user profile or your account name. In addition,  your name must be the same or very similar to the one you have on other social networks , if you want to make it easier for them to find you.

Name with keyword:  And of course, if your general and user name includes your main keyword, you are more likely to appear in search results for suggested accounts. It is advisable to use the keyword in both to increase your chances of being detected by the algorithm and that your potential consumers find you.

  1. Include your keywords in the bio

It is about choosing  more descriptive keywords , which also help to better target and segment who we are targeting.

Secondary keywords are perfect for attracting those who might be interested in your product, even if they are not searching for your main keyword.

For example, if what we want is to position ourselves in “insurance”, we can choose “life insurance in Cuenca”, “insurance for rental cars” or “car insurance without excess”. Always taking into account three factors:  the market we are targeting, the frequency of searches and the competition for the keyword.

  1. Optimize your profile

Although it seems obvious, you always have to offer the best user experience, for which it is necessary to optimize your profile.

Profile Image:  Image quality reflects the quality of your brand, so watch out for pixelated images!

Include a link to your website and, of course,  your location  to make it easier for people in your area of ​​influence to find you.

Keep your profile updated, public and with original and useful content for the user.

  1. Define your hashtag strategy

Once your profile has been optimized, it is time to do the same with your  publications . This is constant work. Also, most likely, most users will not search for you directly, but may find you through a hashtag in a specific post. The reason is that hashtags are keywords too. That’s why you need a  well-defined hashtag strategy , whose key is variety and relevance.

  1. Use secondary keywords in image titles

Creating attractive titles is essential to attract new followers and satisfy those you already have. The right title can do more than just grab your users’ attention. It can also help you appear in search results.   So in the same way that you optimized your profile, you should do it with the titles in all your publications.

  1. Don’t forget the alternative text

One of the best ways to optimize your  SEO strategy on Instagram  is to use alternative text. (Because yes, this option also exists on Instagram). Similar to when you use alt text in photos on your website, this text can help your posts rank better, get results for voice search, and more. In Instagram you can write the alternative text in the tab  “Advanced settings” at the bottom and then choose the option “Write alternative text”.

  1. Take into account SEO in your stories

Every time you upload or broadcast live in  stories,  the app will notify your followers. But don’t forget to  add hashtags, text and emojis and even link to your external website,  your blog or any other page you want.

  1. Analyze the competition and adapt your strategies

Another key to Instagram search is that it will also allow you to  know which publications your target audience likes the most,  and with this, in addition to promoting the appropriate keywords , you will also be able to find new users who will be able to follow you and interact with your Mark.

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