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Must Learn These 5 points before advertising on social media

1 –  Set goals, do research

Ask yourself the right questions. What will your advertising be used for? Do you want to communicate about a novelty, inform about an event, launch a store? Set  specific and clear goals  : drive traffic to your site, get more fans or highlight the quality of your posts. Then select the networks on which you want to appear according to the message you want to deliver. You can now advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Linkedin… Finally, also set a  budget  allocated to your various campaigns.

2 –  Identify, target your audience and adapt your message

The objective of an advertisement is to  address your target . What are the hobbies and occupations of your customers and prospects? What topics interest them? What other brands do they like? What communities do they frequent? First, it is possible to determine your target based on basic criteria: age, gender, profession, location, etc. Others will allow you to refine your selection  : lifestyle, interests, sports practiced, activities, beliefs, values, personality … The message must be  personalized , presented in an attractive way, be different, and surprising.

3 –  Perform tests!

A social media ad is a title  + visual + descriptive combination  . Mix these three elements, and do A / B Testing  : try for example several versions with the same hook but with different visuals. You will be able to determine which one is the most efficient. Also, remember to  renew them regularly or alternate them . If people see the same ad too often, they can quickly get bored of it.

 4 –  Think about mobile devices

Choosing between installed apps and browser apps – Technoforte Blog

It depends of course on your target but social networks are mostly consulted on  mobile . It also means that most of the ads on these networks are seen on these devices. Your messages must therefore be  optimized , especially since there are no ad blockers on mobile and your ad will therefore have a better chance of being seen there than on a computer. The size of the screens and the size of the advertisements between the different media make it difficult to create effective visuals. If you can, experiment with different mobile- specific  visuals  .

5 –  Analyze its performance

The advertising work does not stop once the campaign is launched. How do you know if your communication is going in the  right direction  ? The advantage of advertising on social networks is to have constant access to all the  statistics . This allows them to be tested and optimized. Choose measurement criteria in  advance that are  consistent with your objectives. The only way to get the most from your ads is to know what you want to achieve, why, and act on what the results reveal. Understanding what to change for your next campaign involves taking a closer look at the numbers and asking yourself a number of questions.

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